Over the past decades there has been an overwhelming trend for elegant buildings with upscale interiors around the world. Magnificent entrance halls, instead of functional lobbies, now welcome guests. Designers did not simply stop at the lobby. The elevator area was, of course, integrated into the design. Elevators with traditionally designed components gave way to more fashionable design. With this in mind, we are the first company to develop and offer elegant and eye-catching elevator indicator panels.

Inspired by the combination of innovative technologies, modern materials, and fashionable art, we founded WALLRAFF Liftechnik + Design as a family-owned company in 1998. Innovation and creativity were key ingredients for the development of our beautiful elevator panels. Thirty years of experience in the elevator business ensure that our customers will receive outstanding expertise in development, manufacturing, and service.

In close collaboration with well-known elevator companies and planning bureaus,
WALLRAFF Lifttechnik + Design sets new and innovative standards. Our indicator panels are designed to meet the individual needs and expectations of our customers. The wide range of products covers custom made designs, from nostalgic pointer indicators to our modern GlassLine brand.

Each and every panel is handmade to the highest quality standards in our production facility in Germany. We also provide consulting in planning and design to meet your and your customer’s expectations.

We welcome you to visit our webpage and appreciate your interest in our products.

Sincerely yours,

Georg Wallraff