Single pointers in different designs for Fixture Indicators and Landing Indicators.

38mm Pointer for Fixture Indicators 130r

Pointer with a length of 38mm (pivot - point) suitable for round Fixture Indicator 130r.

51mm Pointer for Fixture Indicators 160hr and 160r

Pointer with a length of 51mm (pivot - point), suitable for halfround (160hr) and round (160r) 160mm Fixture Indicators.

116mm Pointer for Triangular Landing Indicators

Pointer with a length of 116mm (pivot - point) suitable for Triangular Landing Indicators and Landing Indicators 460r with stop characters with a height of 60mm.

150mm Pointer for Landing Indicators 430-460mm

Pointer with a length of 150mm (pivot - point), suitable for Landing Indicators with a diameter of 430mm - 460mm .

216mm Pointer for Jumbo-Landing Indicators 620hr

Pointer with a length of 216mm (pivot - point), suitable for 620mm halfround and 670mm round Jumbo Landing Indicators.

300mm Pointer for Special Indicators

Pointer with a length of 300mm (pivot - point), suitable for 830mm Jumbo Landing Indicators.

Special Lengths

Pointers with special lengths, suitable for Landing Indicators.

Key to order pointers

1/51 - Ms-esg - B
Pointer no.
and length
Material and
B= set with brilliant

Material and surface colours

brass polished, 1 mm
stainless steel shine

brass polished, 1 mm

brass polished, 1 mm
24 K brass gold coated

brass polished, 1 mm
24 K, fine gold coated

brass, 1 mm
fine structure black

aluminum casting, 2-4 mm
stainless steel matt

aluminum casting, 2-4 mm
brass matt

aluminum casting, 2-4 mm
gold matt
aluminum casting, 2-4 mm
bronze matt