Brass / Stainless Steel

Dial Indicators for Car and Landing Panels, half round or round, with noble metal border.


Half round Stainless steel

Half round Landing Indicators with a diameter of 432mm and stainless steel border.


Half round Black

Half round Landing Indicator with a diameter and black border.


Half round 160mm Stainless steel

Half round Dial Indicators with a diameter of 160mm and stainless steel border.


Round 160mm Stainless steel

Round Dial Indicators with a diameter of 160mm and stainless steel border.

Dial Indicators ↑ 

Stylish building design requires the will tio innovate with demanding technical and expressive elements without detracting from short-dated trends. The synthesis of valuable materials and premium processor and drive technology characterizes the entire collection.

Each indicator is handmade to customer preference.

In our chapter on Pointer Indicators you can find a variety of products of elegant design and fascinating beauty to highlight the style of your building.

Inspirational example ↑ 

Technique ↑ 


The core is a micro processor controlled high precision gear motor which can be controlled without problems by a commercial digital display with binary or gray code or 1ofN. Also parallel operation with conventional digital displays at other stops can easily be achieved. In most cases existing digital displays can be replaced by a Pointer Indicator without major changes.

Pointer movement and lift journey

For more than 10 years the universal and convenient pointer control is used worldwide on the most exclusive buildings and it has proved very successful. The control works as follows:

The pointer speed is pre-set according to the longest journey from the lowest to the top stop, creep speed included. The pointer starts moving when the signel for switch over to the next stop is received.That means that in most cases the pointer starts moving shortly after the start of the lift journey. All stop characters on the cypher arc have the same angular dimensions regardless of the actual distances between the stops.

Design ↑ 

Unique faces

The unique faces have metal surfaces of different materials.These are sealed with an invisible layer of varnish and thus retain permanently its unique design.

Font selection

For some Pointer Indicators we recommend one or two types of font

Surface coating of brass

Many indicators of our collection have parts of polished brass. Alternative  to untreated brass surfaces following galvanic surface  treatments are available:

Brass gold

The coating consists of 24 carat hard gold plating with addition of Indium. The material hardness is approximately 230 HV (Hardness Vickers). Visually, the surface is the design os brass. By finishing the brass shine is permanently conserved.

Fine gold

The surface consists of 24 carat hard gold plating with addition of cobalt. The material hardness is 130HV. The surface gloss of fine gold is slightly more yellow/ red than brass.

Stainless steel shine

The coating consists of Nickel with metal colour additions and the colour is similar to polished stainless steel. The brilliance of the cut edges, however, is visually much stronger than the brilliance of stainless steel. Therefore WALLRAFF uses this coating for stop characters and pointers inter alia in combination with massive stainless steel frames.

Surface Coating of stainless steel

TiN-brass gold and Black Magic

Alternative to the brass frames in the indicator series we also offer stainless steel frames,  titanium nitride (TiN) coated with the colour of brass gold. The advantage is the much higher surface hardness of approximately 1500 HV.

Especially for Fixture Indicators, placed in the hand area, we recommend a TiN-coated stainless steel frame in combination with brass gold stop characters and pointers. Other variants are stainless steel frames and faces with Black Magic coating. The surface is black polished and depending on the light slightly bluish. The polished stainless steel design is retained after finishing. Black Magic coated parts have a similar high hardness as TiN, The colour of frames and faces can be slightly different because of the production.