Dial Indicator with massive stainless steel or brass frame, tempered safety glass pane 3mm, interference non-reflecting, stainless steel face Pikee gold coated with horizontal grinding, Cr-steel cypher arc, fine structure red coated

Stop characters and pointer

For this indicator following fonts and pointers are available.


Frame Massive stainless steel frame, Ø160mm polished, surface TiN brass goldAlternative to the brass frames in this indicator series we also offer stainless steel frames, titanium nitride (TiN) coated with the colour of brass gold. The advantage is the much higher surface hardness of approximately 1500 HV. Especially for Fixture Indicators, placed in the hand area, we recommend a TiN-coated stainless steel frame in combination with brass gold stop characters and pointers..
Alternatively, masive brass frame, polished surface
- untreated
- 24 K brass gold
- or 24 K fine gold
Glass Tempered safty glass pane 3mm, interference non-reflecting
Face Stainless steel Pikee gold coated with horizontal grinding
Cypher arc Cr-steel cypher arc, fine structure red coated
Stop characters 1mm brass, polished, different surfaces available
If the font height is 15mm you can select characters of 2,5mm aluminum casting matt or brass casting with different surface finishings (see fonts)
- or 24 K fine gold coated
Font Swiss 721BT (figure), Arial or selectable from collection
Height of the characters 3-8 characters 15mm or 3-12 characters 11mm
Pointer Pointer no. 9/51-Ms-msgol or selectable from pointer collection
Dimensions Diameter 160mm
Control Compatible to every commercial control unit