GlassLine Position Indicator - Control unit

For the control of 10 or 16 Power-LEDs.
The devices are designed for 12V and 24V signal inputs and are operated with a power supply of 230V/50-60Hz or 115V/50-60Hz.


At each position indicator and/or direction arrow display a separate control unit is supplied.. It must be placed in the lift shaft next to the indicator. In this control unit the pre-assembled cable is connected to the GlassLine indicator.

For the position indicator control units with 10 and 16 LED-outputs are available. With more than 16 stops or more than 14 stops plus arrows a second control unit is supplied, Maximum of 32 stops can be controlled by two coupled units.

The control units are rated for 12V and 24V signal inputs. To control the indicators with a low signal input current, the control units are operated with a power supply of 230V/50-60Hz or 115V/50-60Hz. Thus it is also possible that lifts with more than 20 stops are controlled by only one transit wired 12V or 24V signal line.

The control units  are compliant to the EMV standards EN 12015 and EN 12016. The power transformer on the control board has a dual chamber protective insulation and is certified to EN 61558, ENEC 05-; KEMA, KEUR-, UL and CSA. The entire product series GlassLine conforms to the lift standards EN 81-1, EN 81-2 and the low voltage directive 2006/95/EG.


Simple feed-through wiring 230V-supply voltage with double terminals on the control board

Signal input terminals

Optionally, the common ground (G) can be bridged on the board with plug connectors


Power input depending on the indicator type 6-30VA
Number of signal inputs 5
Current (I)/signal input 16mA
Control universal set Gray or Binary up to 32 outputs or 1ofN up to 6 stops
Control variant universal (common anode or cathode)
Startbit 00000 or 00001
Number of LED-outputs 10 or 16, optional coupled with a second unit for max. 32 outputs
Supply voltage (U) 230V/50-60Hz or
Signal input voltage (U) 24V DC (min. +15%/-15%), 24V AC (+5%/-25%) or
12V DC (+20%/-15%), 12V AC (+5%/-25%)
Protection category IP40
Dimensions [picture:10332_skizze.png]