Precision drive F3

Drive including the control for Pointer Indicators Mar460r, Mar670r, Mar830hr and L644.

The drive can optionally be
mounted separately from
the control unit.


Max. pointer radius 270°
Max. pointer length 300mm (pivot - point)
Max. pointer weight 40g to 300mm
Max. number of stops 63
Supply voltage 12V DC (10-16V)
24V DC (20-27V)
Current depending on pointer 180-300mA, idling up to 120mA
Signal input current 16mA/input
Control common anode oder cathode
Code Binary or Gray
Startbit 0000 or 0001
Terminal marking A B C D E F - +
Control board S3: Angular dimensions of the stops are variable at will.
Precision gear motor 90Ncm, controlled
Drive shaft set 4-60mm, diameter: 7mm
Dimensions 132mm wide, 137mm high, 75mm deep