Landing Indicator Gol432hr-11

Half round Landing Indicator with a diameter of 432mm. Massive brass frame, brass face design Water Jet, fine structure black coated cypher arc, brass casting characters and black pointer.


Frame Massive brass frame, 16x16mm polished, surface untreated, 24 K brass gold or 24 K fine gold coated. Alternatively massive stainless steel frame, polished, TiN-brass gold coated.
Face Brass design Water Jet
Cypher arc Cr-steel, fine structure black coated
Stop characters Brass casting, 5mm thick, at front grinding in gold or brass
Font WALLRAFF-Roman or selectable from collection
Height of the characters 3-8 characters 40mm, 9-16 characters 30mm
Pointer Pointer no. 6/150-Ms-sw or selectable from pointer collection
Dimensions Diameter 432mm
Control Universal access to all commercial elevator controls on rear-mounted drive with integrated control board