Landing Indicator Gl450hr-2

Half round glass Landing Indicator with indirect lighting.


Half round glass Landing Indicator with a diameter of 450mm. With POWER-LED indirectly lighted ESG-glass pane, unique tin face with design Reed, stop characters and pointer coated with stainless steel shine.


Design ESG Glass pane optiwhite 450mm wide, 8mm thick, borders polished, indiretly lighted with 5 POWER-LEDs
Selectable LED colours - White
- Blue topaz
- Ruby red
- Royal blue
Face Unique face, surface tin, artist motif Reed
Stop characters Brass 1mm, polished, surface stainless steel shine
Font Times New Roman, cyphers Roman or Arabic or selctable from collection
Height of the characters 3-8 characters 40mm, 9-16 characters 30mm
Pointer No. 16/150-Ms-esg or selectable from collection
Dimensions Diameter 450mm
Control Universal access to all commercial elevator controls on rear-mounted drive with integrated control board